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Sex, Dance & Rock ‘n’ Roll – The women of CONCRETE Kiss bring you an intoxicating night of music & dance dedicated to the bad-ass chicks of Rock ‘n’ Roll, featuring killer tunes originally sung by the vixens of rock; Blondie, Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, Heart, Gwen Stefani, Linda Ronstadt and more.

CONCRETE Kiss is a female-fronted rock production accented with the h‍‍‍ottest professional dancers on the West Coast. Weaving through the crowd and crawling on bars tops & tables, our performers will grab you by the throat, and make you beg for more in a seductive night of rock ‘n’ dance like you've never seen before, but always dreamt about.

CONCRETE Kiss is an immersive musical production presented by L.A.'s live production powerhouse, Dollhouse Entertainment, with a roster featuring band members Ishmael Perez & Michael Abraham on Guitar, Sebastian Ceciari on Bass & Cain Daniels on Drums, Lead Singers Ashlee Williss & Amanda Corvelle, Professional Dancers Hayley Filsinger, Charlotte ChauPech, Christina Quarternik, Amy Hessler, Rebecca Mansueto & Blaire Ostendorf with special guest performers sprinkled intermittently.